“James, what have you done?”

                                                                                               ”What our parents would have.”


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  • Multiverse
  • Multiship
  • 4+ years of roleplay experience 
  •  Icons/GIF/Text roleplay
  • Para and convo style mainly 
  • Loves to ooc chat!
  • Possibility of triggers (will be tagged accordingly)
  • Loves plotting and very open to all sorts of ideas
  • OC and very Crossover friendly
  • Multiple verses available to interact in

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Title: Tongue Tied
Artist: Stereo Skyline
Played: 31 times

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….I haven’t slept in a while.

   A long while.

Dare I ask why?

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…..don’t make it a hobby, please.

   What’s going on now?

You know, I just might.

    You should try it. flips over on the couch. ]

Is it just me…or are you kinda cranky today.

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   G A H! What?! What, Jordana?

Honestly, I have a communicator. Use it.

Well when you’re across the hall …

   and the comm’s on the table …

   it’s so much easier just to scream.

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teenlantern said: “I get a choice! gee! most shoobs just skip straight to the ‘I shall gauge your eyes out with a spoon’ deal.”

"Tch! Why don’t you just shut up?"

"Why don’t you keep your cool, blondie."

Anonymous screamed -

your here?! :) !!

No one’s ever happy that I exist yay — I’m so ahh~!




I don’t think I can do that. I’m a real jackass.

…Why haven’t you slept?

Curse shit… it was hell…
Salaak did… somethin’, I guess…
I’m suffering here.

…I’m going to pretend I understood what you just said.


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