"Then what is it? Surely you would have no problem sharing, unless you have something to hide?"

"Y’know what, I do have something to hide…

         ——My identity!”

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          Nice suit.

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"Whoa, whoa, kid. I was just meant that it must be hard being a teenager and an alien space cop." Hal raised his hands in surrender and laughed. "…heh, you sort of remind me of a friend." (though, calling Guy a "friend" would be a slight stretch).

"And it’s not — like I have school, and patrol, and galactic space missions and training!" And she’s ranting. "And I should stop talking! But like, I mean it must be hard for guys like you too, I mean — you have a job n’ stuff, so…"

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Ohmygersh, please keep speaking. Respond with — oh sprock what did he just say? "Yeah…so selfish of him, I mean the way he feels when someone blanks out — and then he does it to us…so annoying…" A pause." Do you know him well?"

"Hal and I traveled together for quite a long time." he said, thinking back on their many misadventures. "We even saved Guardian Space a few times. I feel like it’s times like those, you really see what a man is made of."

"Oh — yeah I’ve heard stories about that — kinda thought they were just…y’know stories," she just shrugged. Yeah, good speech. "…Yeah…he’s pretty cool, you must be happy you get to work with him — learn a lot, don’t you?"

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Katie’s out trying to do the whole hero thing again —trying being the key word here, because so far she really sucks at it. She just accidentally shot someone’s window with an arrow, and is running away when she slams into someone and falls.


  “—Oh shit, um, sorry.”

Okay, so the day could have gone worse, Rond only blew up half a planet and go them both on a wanted list — yep, could have been worse. The fun part of the day was splitting up on Earth to be less noticeable. “Ph—” the sudden contact caught her on edge, and she immediately bounced back up. She’s ready to fight, but it’s a false alarm. “Uh, didn’t see you.” Who ever you was. 


        With a slight hesitation, she extends a hand. “My bad, sorry.”

She grabbed her bow off the ground and slung it across her back before letting the girl help her up. “No, totally my fault, oops,” she said, offering a small smile. It probably looked weird to have a sixteen year old girl running around with a bow, even in a city full of superheroes — real heroes usually at least had a cool costume, and she didn’t even have that yet, just a purple hoodie.


"I’m Katie," she said, hoping an introduction was the right thing to do at this point. On second thought, should she have used a code name, since she was attempting the hero thing? Well, too late now. She’d have to think of one to use later.

"Uh," a pause. Dang, who was this girl? Head count; there’s G.A, Artemis, Arsenal, Red Arrow, Speedy. This girl doesn’t exactly fit the list. "Uhm, I’m Jordana — Green Lantern."

         ”But I kinda like the whole first name thing better — so yeah.” Just spit it out. "So uh, Katie, you some new member to the arrow clan, robin hoods — whatever they call themselves?"

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I don’t like pie. 

         …Hey, can I ask you a question?

[Don’t make hurt face because pie is amazing.]  …Yeah?

…Do you know why the ring chose you?

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     ”Yes I think we’ve already established that, deary…


     ”And hmm nothing… That was just me being inquisitive, is all.”


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Cullen tilted his head, obviously intrigued. “Oh? Well, I hope I’d remember meeting a superhero. And I don’t, so I don’t think we have met, sorry.” He apologized, offering a sheepish smile. “O-oh. I’m Cullen Row.”

"Uhm…Green Lantern, you’ve definitely put that together by now though," a small smile was given in return as she laced her arms together. "Oh, and I’m Jordana…nice to meet you——!"

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+ teenlantern


"I’m Kal."



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"I’m okay with that, it’s happened before! I mean — I didn’t enjoy it…but it did happen."

"He doesn’t mentioned it…," mumbled he. Maybe it was before his time. Than he walked closer, observed her movements. "And why are you back? Most people stay away after they had a nice little ‘talk’ with Batman."

Jason smirked. “So, what’s going on? Something dangerous in Gotham except the usual psychopaths?”

Yeah, but the thing is, Boy Wonder.” A pause. “I’m so not most people.” Moving away from her perch on the ledge, she just observed the other. She could have sworn his suit was different last time, his hair too. 

          “No, not that I know of at least, the most dangerous thing around here right now is you and batsy — I was just…y’know wondering around.”

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